Welcome to the Practitioner's Essentials

When I was getting started with the practice, the worst part was all the books. Books are only available to a select few and can't be sustainably updated or distributed. It's all an inherently exclusive form of media. I swore that, when I someday had information to share I would do it in a way that leveraged the inherent benefits of the internet. Whoops Lesson One for the young (or early) practitioner: Don't make oaths Not until you're older and wiser. How will you know if you're old and wise enough to make an oath? If you're reading this page, don't worry about it. You won't be wise enough for a while. The first few pages of this site are dedicated to the Awakening ritual. The ritual where you open yourself up to the world of the practice, and become bound by it's laws. Awakening is a complex ritual that cannot be rushed. Please take the time to read and absorb all of the meaning and symbolism before you take the plunge. Awakening is a statement to the Spirits about who you are. Make absolutely certain you're saying what you want to say. But please don't let me dampen your hope for a future of magic and mystery. I was young once too and I know the eagerness and impatience that comes with youth. Young people make mistakes and rush into things. The world of the Practice is beautiful and terrible and it would break my heart to see a life cut short by the terror before it could see the beauty. - K