The infamous "Kennet Incident" began with the awakening of three teenage girls as part of the same ritual. Their positions sat in the center triangle, back to back. This ritual was notable for reflecting the ancient approach to Awakenings: it was run and facilitated exclusively by Others, as a deal with the humans. As part of the deal, the Others of the town would offer power and learning to the girls in exchange for protection and service as local practitioners. This turned out to have some issues in practice. For more information, consult "Beyond the Pale - an Anthology of the Lessons Learned from the Kennet Incident" by Jem Cochran. In the aformentioned awakening, one of the notable breaks from the norm was the "offerings" that are normally taken by nearby spirits were instead taken by the town's Others who were supervising the ritual. Each other (or group of others) entered through a Symbol of Humanity (which took the form of gates for the ritual), took an offering, and provided one of the four traditional elemental gifts in exchange.